Monday, July 12, 2010

People from USA = Usanians ( )

People from USA are sometimes named Americans. Nothing wrong with that, since they are Americans as good as all other Americans. But it is imprecise since the American continent(s) is stretching from the Arctic Ocean in the north to Cape Horn in Chile.

Why don't people from USA start to cultivate their own identity and profile the good stuff they have developed? Seen from outside, it looks like their self claimed "free-world-leader"- role has taken attention away from reflection about what is unique and good with the U.S. culture. When time goes by, they will have to find their place in a more balanced democratic world where all people and countries claim their fair share of power and attention.

A good start to regain respect and trust is to start naming themselves based on their own land = USAnian, and not the American continent(s). That will prove that they respect all other American populations, like e.g.: Canadian, Brazilian, Mexican, Columbian, Argentinean, .....Have a look at: , and have a nice day.

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